Clash of Lights Servers (S1, S2, S3, S4, S10) Latest APK Download {2023Updated}


Clash of Lights is one of the most popular private servers for the hugely successful mobile strategy game Clash of Clans. It grants users access to desirable gameplay perks like unlimited gems, resources, and custom mods that are not available on Supercell’s official CoC servers.

For Clash of Clans fans seeking to enhance their gameplay experience beyond the public server limits, Clash of Lights offers some very attractive benefits. However, as an unofficial third-party server, there are also notable risks to weigh.

In this comprehensive guide, we will fully explore what exactly Clash of Lights is, the different server versions available, its key features and advantages for gameplay, account security considerations, and what users can expect from this acclaimed Clash of Clans private server alternative.

What is Clash of Lights and How Does it Work?

Clash of Lights is a private server emulator developed by third-party coders that allows playing a modified version of Clash of Clans offering superior features and resources. It uses a custom DNS server that intercepts the game’s traffic and redirects it to a private server environment instead of Supercell’s official servers.

This private server hosts a mirrored version of the original game enhanced with perks like unlimited gems, elixir, dark elixir, gold and more. By tapping into a custom DNS, Clash of Lights can deliver these augmented gameplay benefits without users needing to actually modify the original game files on their device.

Some key technical points on how Clash of Lights works:

  • It is considered a “closed-source” private server, with all code and infrastructure maintained on the backend rather than any mods or add-ons needing to be installed on the user’s device.
  • This allows delivering an enhanced version of the game transparently using simple DNS redirection when launching the official Supercell game.
  • No jailbreaking or manipulation of the original game code is required on the user’s part to access the Clash of Lights private server features.
  • However, because it is facilitated entirely by unauthorized third-party servers, Clash of Lights is not endorsed or supported by Supercell in any way.
  • While promising enhanced resources and features, using any private server does carry risks, as we will cover further in this article.


 Clash of Lights Download 

  • The Lights is the most stable private server of Clash of Clans and is free to download and play.
  • The downloading process of  Lights Server is very easy. You just have to follow the few steps in order to download the  Lights server on your device.
  • The Downloading of the  Lights Server requires a stable internet connection and a significant amount of storage device. If your device fulfills these two requirements then it is the time to move forward.
  • If is very easy to download the  Lights APK on your device. Directly download the APK on your Android or IOS device.
  • If an APK is downloaded successfully ,it will ask you if you wanted to trust on the unknown resources or not.
  • if there is no pop up about the unknown resources, then the installation of the apk file will not begin. If the installation of the APK file does not begin, then go the security settings and turn on the unknown resources.
  • After that install the APK file on your device and start enjoying the game.
  • The server is 100% safe and secure and is free from all types of virus, malware or adware.

Overview of The Different Clash of Lights Server Versions

Since its inception, Clash of Lights has expanded to offer players a choice among several different private server versions, each with slightly varied characteristics:

Clash of Lights S1 Server 

The original Clash of Lights server, S1 aims to provide increased speed and performance for more stable, lag-free gameplay compared to the public servers.

Lights S1 server also known as FHX server is the first private server of Clash of Clans. Like the Clash of Lights server and the other official servers of Clash of Clans it also allows you to acquire the unlimited amount of resources in the game. The server features a good combat strategy that will allow you to build the towns and villages quickly in the game. It allows you to maximize your resources. You can build your village and create a friendly and peaceful environment in your village.

The lights S1 server allows you to escape from an enemy trap, whenever you stuck in a battle or got catch among your enemies. In such situations, it will give you more powerful to fight with your enemies. it does not require you to follow the rules of the original game, you can unlock more buildings and towers in the game. The server allows you to generate unlimited amount of gold, gems and elixir. You can create your enemy with more than 600 slots. You can form a clan and play with your friends. The S1 server is one of the most utmost server of  Lights.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlock Buildings and Towers
  • Create Your army with more than 600 slots
  • Unique Combat Strategy
  • You can unlock enemy traps and decorations
  • You are not required to follow the rules of the original game

 Clash of Lights S2 Server 

The server features extra stuff as compared to other servers. it is one of the fast and efficient servers of COL. The server allows you to enable living conditions in your village to allow your villagers to live peacefully. It gives you unique combat and various battle strategies to fight with your enemies. The server features unlimited resources while there is no time limit.

The Lights S2 server allows you to purchase the heroes and troops of your own choice from the store. You can battle with other users. The server allows you to build custom buildings while the building time is zero for any building. It is mostly recommended for android devices and works on almost every type of android device without any root.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Latest Technology and High Speed
  • Allows you to made further progress in the game
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Unique War Strategies
  • Maximize your power and strength
  • Make Your Army Dress Unique

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 Clash of Lights S3 Server 

The COL S3 Server also known as Clash of Souls Server features tons of gold, elixir and dark elixir. it allows you to create and customize your characters. It allows you to make your armed forces more and more powerful. Like the others Lights Private Server it also gives you the ultimate combat strategy. You can unlock new buildings. The server is compatible with the latest android devices and works on almost every type of android or IOS device without any root.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlock all types of resources
  • Hard Defenses
  • Unique War Strategy
  • 24/7 Online
  • 100% Working and Stable Server

 Clash of Lights S4 Server 

It is the latest server of Clash of Clans and is built on the latest technology to make the game more enjoyable. Like the other COL server, it also allows you to overcome the limitations of the game and helps you to acquire the unlimited resources in the original Clash of Clans game. The server allows you to create your alliance and train your troops in the battle. The advance VPS technology allows the large number of players to play the game at the same time without any lag.

The COL S4 server is mostly recommended for latest android and smartphones devices. The server is free to download and play and is the more stable private servers of Clash of Lights.

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Create Alliance
  • Train Troops
  • Advanced VPS Technology
  • Multiple players can play the game at the same time
  • Compatible with latest Android and Smartphones devices

Together, the different iterations give players a choice catering to preferences for mods and customization, maximizing speed and performance, or maintaining ongoing integration with current CoC content.

Significant Features and Benefits

Let’s look closer at some of the main features that make Clash of Lights such an appealing private server option for passionate Clash of Clans gamers:

Unlimited Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gold

The most obvious advantage is unlimited resources. In contrast to the set caps and slow grind of the public servers, Clash of Lights provides effectively infinite gems along with unlimited elixir, dark elixir and gold.

This enables instantly training new armies, heroes, spells and building upgrades without waiting days and weeks. Players can continuously execute more attacks and make rapid base improvements.

Custom Buildings and Troop Mods

Certain Clash of Lights servers like S2 allow not just unlimited quantities of standard resources, but also enable creating customized buildings, heroes, spells and troops that are unavailable in the original Supercell game.

These custom elements expand strategic options and provide an edge compared to standard CoC players on the public servers.

Latest Game Updates and Content

A downside of older legacy private servers is they eventually become outdated as Supercell releases new content and game upgrades. To counter this, newer servers like S4 promise regular updates synchronized with official CoC patches.

This ensures players on the private servers enjoy ongoing compatibility with new gameplay features, troop upgrades, base expansions and any other content Supercell adds through updates.

Enhanced Gaming Performance and Speed

Faster and more stable private servers result in smooth, lag-free gameplay devoid of the intermittent delays and interruptions that frequently plague the public CoC servers.

Response times for actions like troop deployment and boss fights are quicker for tighter, optimized combat. Fast connectivity and negligible downtime maximize playing time.

Private Server Reliability and Uptime

Public Clash of Clans servers suffer random outages and instability as millions of players login and tax the capacity limits. Private servers offer greatly improved uptime reliability without abrupt disconnections.

Replayable Campaign Levels

Single player campaign events and levels can be replayed repeatedly on private servers for grinding upgrades. Official CoC servers prohibit campaign replay to encourage gem purchases.

Free to Play

No money is required to enjoy unlimited resources and perks like heroes and skins that official CoC gates behind steep gem paywalls or extremely lengthy grinding.

What to Expect When Playing on Clash of Lights

For those unfamiliar with private servers, here is a general overview of how the Clash of Lights gameplay experience compares:

Significantly Faster Progression Pace

With limitless gems and resources instead of slow capped earnings, progression pace is tremendously accelerated. Maxing out buildings, troops and heroes happens in days instead of months.

Competitive Advantages

Unlimited resources allows strengthening one’s base and armies well beyond what is achievable as a free-to-play gamer on the public servers. This brings advantages in events and wars.

Original Gameplay Intact

The core defensive building, resource farming, troop training and combat mechanics are unchanged from official Clash of Clans. The private servers simply remove limits.

Solo Focus

There is no cross-server clan support or competition. The focus is on personal achievement and building the ultimate base, not multiplayer clan cooperation.

Freedom from Grinding and Paywalls

Regular players often burn out grinding for months to save up gems and resources. Private servers lift these time and pay barriers to enjoy CoC to the fullest.

Mods Vary by Server

Some servers stick to the original gameplay while others like S2 enable deeper custom mods. Players choose their desired level of modification freedom.

Potential Account Security Risks and Ban Considerations

While private servers offer tantalizing advantages, there are also notable downsides and risks that come with utilizing third-party emulators. Users should be aware of the following:

Private Servers Carry General Security Risks

Because they are not maintained by Supercell, the security of private servers can vary greatly. Some servers have proven unsafe, exposing user accounts and data. Caution is warranted.

Supercell Actively Bans Accounts Associated with Private Servers

Supercell’s Terms of Service strictly prohibit buying, selling, or sharing CoC accounts. They actively monitor and ban accounts that access private servers. Permanent bans are commonplace.

Private Servers Can Cease Functioning Unexpectedly

Since private servers are not officially supported products, they can go offline indefinitely at any time without warning, losing all player progress in the process.

Game Progress Does Not Transfer Back to Official Servers

The entire Clash of Lights game environment and account status is isolated from the original Supercell servers. Nothing carries over if shifting back to the public servers.

Using Mods Risks Bans if Interfacing with Public Servers

Players who do not properly segregate their public and private play risk having modded resources sync to public servers, triggering bans by Supercell.

Skepticism Advised When Seeking Download Links

Because Supercell aggressively targets private servers, links to download them are not always trustworthy. Users risk malware exposures or data theft. Caution is strongly advised.

While private servers promise advantages on paper, these real risks are why Supercell adamantly discourages their use in favor of the official public CoC servers for account security and integrity. Users should carefully weigh if benefits outweigh potential downsides.

The Bottom Line – Tread Carefully with Private Servers

Clash of Lights undeniably provides certain attractive gameplay benefits like limitless resources, accelerated progression, mods and freedom from the grind that constrain the public Clash of Clans servers.

However, being an unofficial third-party service, it also comes with inherent security risks and uncertainty from utilizing unvetted servers. Benefits may come at the cost of account bans or lost progress if service is disrupted.

Ultimately, each player must determine if the risks outweigh the rewards based on their personal gameplay preferences and risk tolerance. While problematic links cannot be provided here, information on accessing private servers is readily available online for those who decide the enhanced features merit the uncertainties involved.

For maximum security though, Supercell understandably advocates staying on their official public servers. Players should thoughtfully weigh all factors when considering the Clash of Lights private server alternative to make the best choice aligned with their priorities.