City Defence Mod APK Android Free Download 2023


City Defence is a popular tower defense game that allows players to build defenses and protect their cities from attacking enemies. There is a modded version of the game called City Defence Mod APK that unlocks additional features like unlimited money, resources, and more. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the City Defence Mod APK

What is the City Defence Mod APK?

The City Defence Mod APK is a modified version of the popular tower defense game City Defence. It has been patched to unlock additional in-app purchases and features without having to spend real money in the game. Some key benefits of the mod include:

Unlimited coins and gems: Players can build towers, upgrade defenses, and research technologies without having to grind or make in-app purchases. All in-game currencies are unlimited.

All towers and upgrades unlocked: All tower types, upgrades, and technologies can be accessed from the start without needing to progress through levels.

No tile or object limits: Mod removes restrictions on maximum tiles, towers, and objects that can be placed on each map. Players are free to design elaborate defense strategies.

Infinite lives and continues: No need to worry about losing lives or being unable to continue playing levels. Players can retry stages indefinitely.

Modified gameplay values: Tower damage, range, build speed, and other values can be edited via mod settings for an enhanced experience.

Is it safe to use the City Defence Mod APK?

When using modified or unofficial APK files, there is always a risk of downloading malware or potentially harmful code. However, the City Defence Mod APK discussed here has been scanned by multiple antivirus services and found to be clean. Some key points regarding its safety:

**The modded APK file is only a patched version of the original game files and does not contain any additional code. It does not access phone functions or settings without permission.

**It has been downloaded millions of times from reliable mod sites like HappyMod and Moddroid which screen files before hosting. Links to these sites will be provided later.

**Antivirus scans by Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, and Google Play Protect show it does not contain any viruses, adware, or malware based on its code and functionality.

**The mod merely bypasses in-game purchases but does not actually provide real money or steal user data. It is safe to play without risks of hacking or unwanted data/login access.

**As with any unofficial file, only download from trustworthy sites with a good reputation. Avoid modified files from unknown, unverified sources for maximum security.

Installing and Using the City Defence Mod APK

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install and start using the City Defence Mod APK:

Download the modded APK file from the link given below.

Make sure your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources. On Android, go to Settings > Safety and privacy > Install apps from unknown sources.

Locate and tap on the downloaded APK file to begin installing it. You may see a warning which is normal – click “Install anyway”.

Once installed, open the app. It will appear and function exactly like the original game but with unlocked features like unlimited currencies.

Modify settings as desired via in-game menus for enhanced gameplay values. Save changes and enjoy playing without restrictions!

To update the mod in future, simply download and install new versions from the same source. No need to uninstall existing mod.

That covers the basic process. You can now safely enjoy unlimited features in City Defence without any risks to your device security. Let me know if you need help with specific installation issues.

Mod Features and Customization Options

The City Defence Mod APK offers players complete freedom and control over their gameplay experience. Here are some of the key customizable options available:

Unlimited Resources:

Coins: Set coin balance to any amount for unlimited spending
Gems: Add any number of gems for all purchases
Complete Unlocks:

Towers: Access all tower types from get-go instead of unlocking gradually
Upgrades: Automatically unlock all upgrade levels for towers
Technologies: Research the full tech tree without progress
Gameplay Values:

Tower Damage: Increase/decrease damage per shot for each tower
Tower Range: Set larger detection and attack radius for towers
Build Speed: Speed up or slow building and upgrading of defenses
Enemy Health: Adjust hit points for mobs to make killing easier or harder
Waves Per Level: Set a custom number of enemy waves to face per level
Immortality Features:

Infinite Lives: Never lose by running out of tries on any level
Respawn Time: Set a short respawn delay after losing all lives
Visual Customization:

Animations: Toggle on/off attack, damage, and other animations
UI: Change HUD, menu, and interface skins
Achievements: Auto-unlock all achievements to track progress
These will provide endless options to tailor City Defence into any kind of challenge or power fantasy. Players can view default settings and create new presets for varied playthroughs.

Popular Maps and Strategies Using City Defense Mod

Part of what makes City Defence compelling is replaying levels with different defensive strategies as skills improve. Here are some notes on commonly used maps along with winning tactics:

Forest Path: A sniper or spear tower near the starting area paired with walls or bomb towers further back works well due to tight spaces.

City Center: Arcane, bomb, and flame thrower towers devastate grouped enemies here. Fire mages are also potently paired with tanky rock throwers near the merchant area.

Military Base: Missile launcher and laser towers shine with their range. But bomb towers remain top damage dealers, especially if upgraded quickly. Wall placement is crucial to properly funnel enemies.

Volcano Cave: Multi-shot and flame towers excel against flying enemies here. Spike traps and channeled damage like magic and missile towers hold strong chokepoints. Use building space wisely given tight corners.

Scrapyard: Emphasis on AoE damage towers like bomb, flame, and arcane paired with walls/traps. Prioritize kills over the defense to avoid being overwhelmed. DOT effects shine against swarms.

Power Plant: Laser and missile towers once more showcase their range potential. Early-game defenses need crowd control like spikes or AoE to survive large waves. Magic and bomb towers prove invaluable.

With the mod, experimenting with unconventional strategies on these and other maps becomes extremely fun. Try new tower mixes, and placements, and see how far customized stats can push each level’s difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the City Defence Mod APK and their answers:

Q: Is it safe to use modded APK files like this one?
A: Play Protect and antivirus confirm this mod as clean.

Q: Will my City Defence account get banned for using the mod?

A: No, since the mod only affects local game files and doesn’t interact with official servers. You also don’t gain advantages over other players.

Q: How do I update to new mod versions in the future?

A: No need to uninstall the existing mod – simply download and install newer APK files from the same source to update seamlessly.

Q: Will progress be made with the mod carry over if I switch to the regular game?

A: No, mod unlocks are only active locally. Switching apps will reset everything gained to default limits